CCA Kunstverein Glasgow 2015 / Experimantal Radiodrama: Fatherland. An acoustic investigation on attempts to rescue the Abendland on a regular basis.

Germans are not very experiencedin public controversyand normally do everything to avoid it. Especially if it might spoil our self-image as a democratic "model student" .  So we avoided a common dispute on migration, integration, our self-conception as nation in a unified Europe, gender mainstreaming and many other potentially contrivers topics in the last decades. Now this dislocations brake open in rallies and manifestations which appears to be a divide in the recent german history.   They call them self PEGIDA "Patriotic europeans against the islamic influence on the occident"   (which held the biggest rally in the german post-reunification era).  They are a extremely heterogeneous fusionfrom frustrated middle class citizen, over fundamental religious movements,  right wing splinter parties to hardcore neo-nazis.

Using field-recordings from the Düsseldorf PEGIDA and DÜGIDA events , a hint of soundclips from Godard's "Weekend", and a live sampling ofmusic and sound fragments from Frauke Berg, "Fatherland" is an attempt of an acoustic approach on the strange clash of antipodal world views in the streets of Düsseldorf.

Frauke Berg:  live sampling & musical parts
Christian Ahlborn: field recordings, concept, editing
Thomas Frank: concept, editing Matti Rouse: Voice -over

Radiophrenia / CCA Glasgow / 2015

Radiophrenia / CCA Glasgow / 2015


CCA Kunstverein Glasgow 2016 / 'Fourteen Signs – Fifty-Eight Symptoms: sounds & songs on feeling alien’ - a work loosely based on a list of 58 Possible Signs of Alien Abduction. Following their debut performance at Kraftwerk’s legendary Kling Klang studio earlier this year this Düsseldorf based trio attempt to investigate the phenomena of alien abduction as a symptom of a collective social unease and 'alienation' toward the 'foreign and strangers'. The idea is to refer to the semantic field of the 'alien' – strange, foreign, unknown. “It’s all about feeling alien, being alien….it’s all about being frightened of feeling alien and alien beings.” Narrated by Matti Rouse.

Anja Lautermann explores the different sonic possibilities of the flute and other tone generators, calling on both traditional and experimental playing techniques and different musical styles.

In her artistic works Frauke Berg interweaves animations and drawings with her voice, electronic sounds and installations. Together with the composer and musician Anja Lautermann she founded the sound performance project Studium Stadt using field recordings mixed with voice, analogue sounds and animations.

Christian Ahlborn works as a freelance journalist for German public radio WDR.

Frauke Berg:  live sounds, voice, animations
Christian Ahlborn: electronics, concept, editing
Anja Lautermann: live sounds, electroacustics